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Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games: Skateboarding will make its debut. Underground becomes mainstream? | SorryMadre


Skateboard in Tokyo Olympic Games 2020

Skateboarding is an underground universal culture that is revolving around street style, music, and skateboarding performances. It was never considered as a professional sports activity. And it is hard to imagine that skateboarding will be able to fit the traditional competitive Olympics with its strict rules and boundaries. For that reason, many skateboard fans are concerned that with Olympic debut skateboarding culture and lifestyle will be damaged. But most people see the opportunity for skateboarding to evolve and change the stigma around it. 


Let’s review a few main points that may affect skateboarding after the Olympic Games: 

  1. Popular or mainstream? 

It is an exciting and positive change for fans because skateboarding will get more exposure as physical activity. The Olympics will bring more people into this fantastic sport and populate the culture and lifestyle that accompany it. But of course, many fans are concerned that this may turn into mainstream. We still leave a question mark here as we may not predict what may happen. What we can say for sure, mainstream disappears with time, but love to skateboarding stays forever!

  1. Change the stereotype.

The additional positive outcome is that skateboarding will stop being viewed as a troublemaker on the road. Also, the government will create a proper infrastructure in the cities that will definitely make skateboarding less mystic and underground as it was and at the same time will bring more positive than negative to its development. 

  1. Gender equality. 

Skateboarding was never a male-only or female-only sport. It is far from any stereotype and popular culture. That is why, on the Olympics, the competitors will be judged and qualified equally. It is one of the unexpected positive outcomes that may motivate and inspire young people around the world to join the skateboard culture.



We can not predict the future, but if the Olympics in Tokyo will happen in 2021, this will be the most viewed and discussed Olympic Games in history. And of course, Olimpic Games will provide the skateboarding with a broader audience and increase its popularity! But will this sport preserve its power of youth culture? Leave your comments below with your thoughts! 



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